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Atomic Assets Advisers Co., Ltd., is a business group for creating added value and earning a profit stubbornly and desperately for our clients through the concerted efforts of all directors and employees amid the trends in financial mind-set represented by investment. The name atomic comes from atomic or molecular binding, which stands for the strong relationship of trust we have with our clients.

Through strong ties with specialist business partners capable of handling a wide variety of investments, we at Atomic Assets Advisers Co., Ltd. are working hard to create and discover tangible investment areas. Unparalleled by our competitors, we utilize our risk analysis, management and implementation skills to produce maximum earnings and earn high acclaim from everyone involved, including our investors.

While the investment industry is flooded with asset managers making investments at prices that cannot be justified, and while investment advisory companies need to start making a clear distinction between shareholders and investors of listed companies, we have succeeded in maximizing periodic income in recent years by uncovering new business, selecting appropriate lenders, and adopting plans that maximize earnings. Naturally, capital gains is calculated at the end of the investment period, and we are confident that our internal rates of return cannot be equaled by other companies in the industry.

Our self-reliant efforts for cost reductions maximize dividend income on the basis of the conflict of interest between our clients and asset managers. As we are not a publicly listed company, there is no need to pay dividends to stockholders.

Founded on April 20, 2004 after the business transfer by the investment advisory division of a listed company, we established the fund and asset management business, asset trustee business, as well as the real-estate trade and rental business, the finance business, the development and sale of single-family homes with our own funds, to consolidate the foundation of the enterprise. The balance of our assets already exceeds 1.5 billion yen.

We continue to strive to create new investment domains and provide new small-lot products for more clients as a provider of accessible, lucrative products until we attain our business goals. Your continued support will be more than appreciated.

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